DAYTONA 2001 Mild to Wild..... Our trip.
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Our Trip

Click here to see our trailer and how it is constructed for cheap and sundry utility

Daytona this year was bittersweet. We got started a day late because the plater was a day late with our stuff. The trip down was pretty good, made the 1,000 mile journey in only 16 hours arriving at 10AM in Deland to the Roach Motel (don't stay at the Boulevard in Deland). We put crackers in the bathtub to trap roaches at night. Friday night, we did some riding and it was good weather. We stopped for late dinner at Hooters on 92. That was when it all began. We got separated and I arrived there first. I parked in the back in full view of the driveway so I could see when Frank and Chris arrived. Well, just AS they arrived and were facing me coming in, a black cat walked between me and them. An omen! We returned with some good pictures on our Olympus D460Z, but the camera was stolen along with some good $200 sunglasses and a few other things in Chris's backpack that very night. Won't go into detail on this, but pay attention here. We got ripped off by the lower elements in Florida society on day one (more later). Chris managed to bust his lower fairing on the SECA on day two (black cat?) doing wheelies (or proper punishment?). We found another D460Z at Office Max for only $350 on Sunday so we replaced the camera. Next day we met V-man and CJ and the New England crowd and had a nice ride to Bulow through the park. We had a good time during the week and met some great folks (you guys) and had some good riding, but we were VERY glad we brought the electrics. I bet Gerbing's did some monster sales on heated stuff this year. It was BRISK! The photos will document some of the things we did during the week, but I must relate this final day story.

As Frank and I were returning to Deland from Dayotona at 3AM on Friday night, we were riding side by side in the fog at about 50MPH all the way up RT92. About 2 miles from the roach motel, two police cars lit up the highway behind us. These clowns snuck up on us DARK! NO LIGHTS at all! Then, christmas! I had no idea why they were stopping us. I actually thought they were stopping us because of our amber rear running lights. Not so. They pulled our license and regs and proceeded, side by side, one cop to each of us, to write us up for going 70 in a 55. BULLSHIT! That NEVER happened. I don't mind getting written for something I DID do, but this was BULLSHIT! Total. Top it off, Frank and I were riding side by side, both got written up for 70 in a 55 and his fine was $141 and mine was $116! What the F__K! Is it my winning smile or is it becuse he's Mexican? You decide! So, we got ripped off by the greasy underside of Fla society on day one and then got totally ripped off by what is supposed to be the shiny upper side of Fla society on day last. Sorry folks. I have always hated Florida. This baked the cake and iced it. I only TOLERATE Florida because the sun shines from time to time and bike week is there. For a photo essay of our trip, click the title link and follow the instructions above to view the pics.

The Flat Out Show
Click here for a panorama of the Flat Out Flat Six Valkyrie show in front of the speedway.
Well, Ladies and Germs. Dunno if you heard, but they screwed up. They pulled the wrong name from the list and gave the $10,000 to the wrong guy at first! Yup, WILD! He kept saying that, "I clean her every week." Now, I do know that these shows are for trailer queens mostly. The cleaner your bike, the best chance you have to win. Like in Americade the first year I had my bike. There were some other customs with nice paint and mods and the winner was a bone stock bolt on stuff bike with a BUSTED windshield. It won because it was clean. Same thing in Marysville the year I entered (Peaches & Scream had a definitive comment that year when he called it a "travesty."). Some chance a guy has to win a show if he has to ride 700 miles in the rain and clean in the motel parking lot. Also, when a bike has a sign that says, "Built for so&so by such&such in exchange for cash" I'm not too impressed at all. There should be a separate class for "Built by such&such for so&so" cash hog bikes that mostly sit in shops and garages and another for guys and gals that sweat it out on their own like Vicki and CJ and LaMonster and Warren and DragBars and those that RIDE! Well... you get it. Anyway, I was impressed by the grand prize winner indeed. Lotsa miles and some very original ideas (and Rattlebars parts too!). Many of the winning bikes in this show had tons of miles on them. PIBIT has 60,000! That was nice to see and illustrates for sure that the Valkyrie is a RIDERS bike and not just some trophy. I was impressed by this show more than any other show I had seen. This one was not for Trailer Queens at all. Way cool! Check the pics out and see some neat stuff.
Southern Exposure 2001
Well, like I said. It was cold (some would call it "nipply" but it was COLD!). This, plus the fact that rumor had it fines were $200 per boob, meant the chicks were definitely NOT showing the things they usually show at Dayotona Bike Week. Since there was going to be little northern exposure this year, I changed my goal a little and decided to collect photos of different parts. Buns. They are my favorite parts anyway so it was coool. This series of photos will prove beyond any doubt that Chaps are for Chicks. Chicks should wear them and guys should look at them. They are NOT for guys to wear. Caution. Some of these photos are r-rated. They start out mild and go to wild. You can exit any time by closing the window.
Southern Exposure 2002
I was unable to attend Daytona Bike Week 2002. However, I was there in spirit! Doug H attended and here is his "report" of sorts. He sent me an e-mail with these pictures attached. Here's the e-mail and click above to see the pics!

E-MAIL: Sorry it took so long to get these to ya. After seeing Chets pics from last year I deduced that he appreciates a good behind. There aren't too many pictures here but being as he and others couldn't make it I thought I'd share some of what I saw down there. Unfortunately the other half punched me everytime something really nice walked along and I raised the camera. These are "okay" but not the best of what we saw down there. I guess you could consider them a "teaser" to give you an idea of what's there should you decide to go next year.