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by Chet Walters

This works on Valkyrie Standard/Tourer and some Honda Shadow models only!

TOOLS & STUFF: Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol - 7/16" wrench - small hammer (see above for parts)

You can visit a trophy shop and there you can find several different styles of "eagles" be they winged ladies (nice on the valkyrie), long winged eagles or standard eagles.  You can also obtain eagles at bike shows sold as flag pole finials.

PREPARATION: Obtain a pair of lead masonary anchors with 1/4" x 20 thread size as shown above. Cut them so the barrel is only 1/2" inch long. From your local trophy shop, obtain some Eagles wth 1/4" x 20 thread as shown, or choose another style with same kind of thread (see below for some alternatives).

  1. Place air wings in the "open" position and remove entire Baker Wing assembly from bike.
  2. Remove cap from wing shaft. With ispropyl alcohol clean off the glue.
  3. Place bottom of air wing shaft (the base of shaft only, not wing assembly) on a block of wood. With small hammer tap plug into shaft as in Figure One until it’s flush with top of shaft. Make sure you have the plug oriented as in Figure One ("skirt" end down).
  4. Re-install wing onto bike so that it is perpendicular.
  5. Place chrome washer on top of shaft. Screw in " setting bolt finger tight, then with 7/16" wrench, turn bolt one full turn to set plug. Remove setting bolt.
  6. Place chrome washer on top of shaft (if used, some finials are large enough at the base to cover wing shaft top without a washer). While holding the washer centered on the shaft, gently screw in eagle. (if using a flag eagle, DO NOT SCREW IN EAGLE USING HIS WINGS! THEY ARE FRAGILE! APPLY LIGHT PRESSURE ONLY AT VERY BASE OF EAGLE WINGS!)
  7. When eagle is only slightly tight, check that eagle is aligned as shown in Figure Two (eagle beak faces the front outer corner of shaft).
  8. If the alignment is not as in Figure Two, estimate the amount of "turn" you will need to align eagle (ie half turn, quarter turn, etc.) for the adjustment in step nine then remove eagle.
  9. With chrome washer in place, screw in " setting bolt and use a 7/16" wrench to turn bolt. Do not turn too far, turn only a little at a time. You only have thickness of the washer to work with. Of you do turn too far, you will have to file off the top of the plug and start over or add another washer!
  10. Remove bolt and screw in eagle. Repeat steps 6 - 9 until eagle is aligned as in Figure Two. Check that you can fully "close" the air wings, that the eagle clears the tank, and that when your front wheel is turned completely to lock that the turn signal does not strike the finial. Air wing shaft should be perpendicular with your engine head (straight up & down) to provide clearance for signal.
  11. Once all is adjusted correctly, remove eagle. Coat the threads with nail polish and while holding washer centered on shaft, gently screw eagle back in. (do not use threadlock or you won’t be able to subsequently remove eagle).


Shown below before and after

click for larger pic



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