Engine Lighting
Choke Cover Spark Plug Valance Trans Cover
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For nightime riding, I have installed several 194 bulbs with Barjan red "condoms" (these are available at many truck stops) in strategic places. Two under each valance between the carbs, three under each choke linkage cover and one each under each side tranny cover. This makes the engine look "red hot" under the covers. Very nice. To do this under the covers, purchase Blazer Marker lights (C827 at Auto Zone) and break off the little light socket inside just like you would a beer can tab (back & forth 'til it breaks). Solder a ground wire to the brass piece and hook 'em up. Route the wires so they don't show and zip tie & tape in place. See the pics below for details.

Under the choke cover, there isn't much room so I have made my own lights out of 194 bulbs by twisting 20 gauge wire through and around the loops of the bulb and soldering (solder will not stick to the bulb loop so wind it tight). Cover each with very small heat shrink then make a new "socket" by covering both wires and the end of the bulb with larger heat shrink as shown above in the choke cover pic. Carefully route the wires so they do not show or hinder the workings of the choke linkage and zip tie them in place. The front one on the choke linkage is shaded with a piece of tin pie pan aluminum zip tied in place.

The 194 bulbs have now been each replaced by three cherry red LEDs soldered in a series then folded together so that they fit into the "condoms."  They exhibit a much brighter and richer glow thru the condoms than the 194's and the condoms make them non-focused so they appear to be neon.  They use much less amperage as well.  Each leg is insulated with tiny shrink tubing.

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