Animated GIFs are great! As you can see, we use them alot. However, we have optimized our GIF files to be as small as possible with PhotoImpact GIF Animator from Ulead Systems, Inc. so they don't take a coon's age to load. We only wish that all had access to this optimization feature so our browsing does not get bogged down waiting for GIFs to load. There is a way to optimize your GIFs if you do not have access to PhotoImpact. Just fill in the form below adding your animated GIF file in the blank and click the button! You will go to the GIF Wizard's free WEB site and see how it works!

The format to use here is to add your WEB address and include an animated GIF file such as...

Your Background Color (Optional): Red Green Blue

We would appreciate it if you would try this here once, then follow the instructions at GIF Wizard to add this to your own WEB site.
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