The Joy of Six
By J. Steve Hall owner of Peaches&Scream with additional entries by members of the VOA

Sixual Misconduct:Any traffic offense committed on a Valkyrie
Six Offender: One guilty of Sixual Misconduct
Six Counselor:An attorney who defends a Six Offender in court
Sixually Oriented Material:Any magazine article or story about the Valk
Sixually Explicit Material:Same as above, but with color photos
Six Change Operation: Any custom work that alters the Valk's appearance
Sixual Harrassment:Making fun of Royal Stars and Harleys for failing to meet minimum acceptable power requirements
Six Fiend:Anyone who owns a Valk
Six Maniac:anyone who owns a Valk and wants more power
Six Addict:I can't get offa this thing!
Bi-sixual:Person who owns 2 Valks
Homosixual:One who doesn't know the Valk is a lady or doesn't treat her as one
Sixual Dysfunction:Rare condition brought about by poor maintenance by the owner (often a Homosixual)
Sixuallity:The intangible aura surrounding a Valk; not to be confused with Mystique which oozes from HDs and comes in various viscosities
Sixual Revolution:Started in Marysville Oh. in '96 and continues on
Sixual Pervert:Anyone who sells their Valk to buy some other bike
Sixual Abandon:A) See Sixual Pervert. B) Riding a Valk into a state of ecstasy
Sixual Experimentation:Combining different carb and exhaust mods to obtain a desired effect
Sixual Infidelity:Taking a demo ride on another bike
Sixual Encounter Group:Next year's National (also Group Six)
Six Education:A) Learning these definitions B) What HD and RS owners get at the finish line
Sixy:See Sixuallity
Sixy Lady:The Valkyrie. (also Six Kitten or Six Pot)
Having Six:When you and your significant other go for a ride together on your Valk (which will often lead to having sex later on)
Six Partner:A) One with whom you have six. B) You had to have "her" co-sign to get a new Valkyrie
Six Banger:(No definition needed)
Sixual Lubricant:Mobil 1 or Amsoil (also Six Oil)
Oral Six:Not riding but only talking about the Valkyrie. (not considered adulterous - see Sixual Infidelity)
Sixual Voyeurism: What causes a crowd to gather and look at a Valkyrie
Six Hormone:female hitch hiker after 20 minutes on the stock pillion
Safe Six:A) Locked and covered Valk. B) Never exceeding 3500 RPM on a Valkyrie. C) Wearing a helmet
Unprotected Six: Opposite of Safe Six
Sixtuplets: Valk carb cluster
Six Symbol:Valk Tank Badge
Sixually Transmitted Disease:You buy a Valk, you are so excited, it is infectous, Your friend buys a Valk, they are so excited it's infectous, their friend buys a Valk
Sixual Fantasies: We all have 'em, might as well 'fess up! Mine involves a stretched frame, two Valk motors siamesed into an F-12, Lots of burning tire smoke and 14 terrified Harley Riders.
Cyber-six:Reading and replying on the VOA message board
Six shops:Visiting the vendor area at a rally
Transixual: 5 speed Valk gearbox
Sixual Desire:Starts the first time you lay eyes on a Valk stops only when the deal is finalized
Six Slave:What we all become after the deal is finalized
Six Toys:accessories & goodies. Buying even 1 six toy can lead to addiction known as AAD (accessory aquisistion disorder). Cured only by a procedure known as Visa-ectomy in which the plastic is removed from the wallet by Dr. Spouse (but hardcores will often sell blood to aquire goodies)
Sixploitation:Making money by selling Six Toys at inflated prices to f-6 owners starved for custom stuff
Six Hygiene:Wash, wax, and detail of the Valk
Sixual Deviant:Gold Wing
Sixism:Negative aspect of owning a bike in a class by itself
Sixually Compatible:That feeling of oneness experienced on the Valk (also Sixual Bliss)
Sixually Inexperienced:Never having ridden an F-6
Six Therapist:Trusted Honda Mechanic
Sixually Frustated:Weather Related Malady. Severity is directly proportionate to riders distance from the equator or proximity to cold, rainy weather.
Sixually active: 250-500 miles per wk. or more an a Valk
Sixagenarian: Person 60-70 who is still sixually active
Gross Sixual Imposition:A) All they ever smell is my exhaust. B) Harley rider can no longer read your license plate. C) Being forced to ride non-Valkyrie loaner while your Valk is being serviced.
New Sixual PositionHighway pegs