You have played this game too long, Mortal. I think I shall remove you from the board.
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Experience the terror! Can you solve the mystery of the Bishop's Vaults?
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version 1.3
A complete six level adventure designed by Chet for his favorite game Hexen. Crack the code to the Bishop's Vaults and gain access to the Crystal Caverns, Deep End Bay, Mill Born, Dark Mire and Korax's own heavily guarded treasure laden Vaults!
Hexen is copyright ID/Raven We are not associated with ID or Raven.
Vaults is to be distributed free.
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You have played this game too long, Mortal. I think I shall remove you from the board.

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Vaults Specs

Title                   : Vaults ... 6 level adventure for Hexen
Filename                : VAULTS.WAD version 1.4
Author                  : Chet Walters / Waldo's
Game                    : Hexen (1.1 update recommended)
Base                    : From scratch by yours truly
Level #'s               : Map 01 thru Map 06 cluster 1
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-8 Player   : Yes (untested but 8 starts/map)
Difficulty Settings     : Yes (1&2 is a Home & Gardens tour)
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : Yes (flats & textures & title)
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : Yes (3) (new with version 1.2)
System Required         : Computer years are like dog years
                          so get yourself up to speed if you've
                          been resting on your 486/33 laurels
                          for the last 14.
Base Machine            : Developed on a p90 with 32 meg.  Run
                          thru Win 95 to simulate slower machine
                          (seems to work but see notes)
Scripts & Sectors       : 141 scripts, 1889 sectors, 2447 things
                          (see notes )

Utilities used          : WAD Author 1.2 3/9/96 (the best!)
                          WinTex 4.0, 4.2 for graphics
                          Paint Shop Pro for editing graphics.
                          Zennode .98a for nodebuilding
                          (vaults.zen necessary for effects)

* Copyright / Permissions *

You MAY distribute this WAD, (please do, I think it's great!
Yeah, yeah.  I'm a legend in my own mind) but, include this
file with no modifications. You may distribute this file in
any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you
include this file intact and unmodified.

You thought you defeated ol' Korax but it was merely his hologram. He's back with a vengeance! He's locked you up in his maximum security cellblock. You awaken just as the cell door slams shut. You don't like the looks of your cellmates and you surely don't like the sounds emanating from the next cell! You escape, but you're in the middle of a desert where the only water that flows is a disgusting brackish swill. It's here Korax trains his armies. Supplies are sparse until and if you can fight your way through the playing fields. You've heard rumors that this is also where Korax keeps part of his treasure trove guarded by his dark Bishops. If you can find the entrance and decipher the vault's complicated combination, you can stock up on needed supplies and gain access to other domains. Perhaps even find your way to Korax himself so you can serve your own vengeance (a dish best served cold) upon him for a change.

LEVEL ONE - BISHOP'S VAULT (map01 scripts:48 sectors:640)
Desert maximum security prison surrounded by military training field, Bishop's Vault and main chapel. Any similarity to an existing church structure in which treasure and knowledge are under strict lock and key accessible only to the "elect" is purely coincidental and should not be construed otherwise.

Level two through five can be visited at your leisure in pretty much a circular fashion so they are listed below in name only. Their entry doors on level one are in no particular order and you can travel back to level one to visit another any time you like. Once on level six, though, you're there for good.

DARK MIRE (map02 scripts:8 sectors:124)
Plod along the muddy bayou. Make sure the swimming nasties don't mistake you for a cajun crawdad! Flesh tearing "iron maidens" bar your path to the prize. (see notes)

DEEP END BAY (map03 scripts:15 sectors:370)
WaterWorld with deep water, six puzzles and a much smaller budget than Kevin Kostner's offering. Watch out for the electric fences! There's "ghosts", too!

CRYSTAL CAVERNS (map04 scripts:14 sectors:179)
Play the slots and win the prize. Careful of the icy winds... Geez, those frozen windows are hard to break. (Just one hint here. Try different weapons on the icy windows. They _will_ all break if you hit them right.)

MILL BORN (map05 scripts:21 sectors:361)
The fiery realm where Korax forges his weapons. Lots of sparks and heat here. My rust belt roots are showing....

LEVEL SIX - KORAX VAULT (map06 scripts:35 sectors:215)
Finally made it! Now you can give him what he deserves! But watch out for his ghostly minions and tricky traps. Those exploding ice cubes can give you a headache. Be careful when trying to turn on the Tiffany lamp, it may be shorted. Any similarity between map06 and an existing major joint U.S. military installation is purely coincidental and should not be construed otherwise.

NOTES: This wad contains some never before seen Hexen special effects: Electric fences, spinning flesh tearing hazards, stationary fireballs, electrified invisible force fields, icy whirlwinds, deep water, sparking switches, hidden fire pits, a "basement" that is actually "under" the floor above and much more. If you use WAD Author, I've been kind enough to leave the original (but sloppy) script source code there for your edification. Some comments too. Many of the scripts use common "subroutines" for compactedness Take a look at the scripts if you wish to see how they work. If you want to create new Hexen levels using these scripts... by all means. I'm a real Hexen fan (the "behavior" makes the difference) and would like to see more well thought out third party wads made for Hexen so feel free! This wad also contains plenty of weapons, health and ammo. Try not to cheat.

Notes for slower machines:
In Dark Mire, Vaults makes use of the floor waggle special. This special is known to slow down game play and even on the p90, I notice a little slowdown when it's on. There is a switch just outside the main porticullus before you enter the main castle. You can turn the floor waggle on or off here if your machine is experiencing too much of a slowdown as a result of the Floor Waggle.

version 1.1
A switch was added to Dark Mire to turn off the floor waggle special to accommodate slower machines. A bug which caused Level Six:Korax Vault to crash if the Tiffany Lamp door was opened while Korax was active has been fixed.

version 1.2
Blood correctly spelled. Demos and title screen added. Solution demo created for Bishop's Vault.

version 1.3
Second chance at the door on the south end of Crystal Caverns. That door was once not repeatable so if you missed it, you got stuck! Thanks to Byron Hinkle for the bug report.

version 1.4
Fixed a bug in level one where there was two player four start ones and no player two start ones. (Byron again!)

version 1.5 (only for Mac users)
Added some safeguards to the pillar room so that Mac users could solve the pillar puzzle. Thanks to Eric Margolis for his help in debugging this version.



I just wanted to congratulate on you on the best set of Hexen levels I have played (probably including the ones Raven has to offer as well as what's on FTP sites, and I've scoured the archives pretty well!) You certainly packed a lot into 6 levels! I especially appreciated the puzzle-solving aspect of the game rather than just the brute-force shoot-outs that characterize most other WADS. Most WADS last only an hour or so of total gameplay, and of those most of them are nothing more than "zip around and kill everyone, then fight some big guy at the end." Yours, however, took several hours of ingenuity and careful fighting (at least on level 1 with no special weapons available. Making the #2 weapon available as a "prize" near the end of the level was a good idea, as was making sure the fighting before that didn't get TOO hard... )
I thought the Vault combination codes were especially well thought-out, but all in all, the whole WAD was extremely enjoyable. Having a story line more than just "Your mission is to kill everyone!!! D00DZ!1!" helped to enhance gameplay as well. So too, did having little "clue" poems at the beginning of each level (although I died several times from attacks while trying to read them! But there's always "quickload"...)
Anyway, just wanted to congratulate you and request that you let me know if/when you develop more WADS (for whatever game it happens to be.) Thanks!
=-=-= David =-=-=

Finally! A WAD with brains and brawn! Vaults is great!
=-=-= Paul =-=-=

I just spent three hours solving Vaults WAD. I wish Raven had written the original game so well. The special effects in Vaults are awesome!
=-=-= Yvonne =-=-=

A WAD with a plot! What will you think of next. Let me know if there are any more coming from you guys!
=-=-= Don =-=-=

Um, has Raven or id offered you a job yet? Vaults is wonderful!
=-=-= Jerry =-=-=

I only soved one puzzle in Bishop's Vault. But I did manage to finish the rest of it. I wish there was more. I liked it.
=-=-= Tod =-=-=

Vaults is the best WAD I have ever played.
=-=-= Pooch =-=-=

I really liked the special effects. It took me awhile, but I outsmared you. Get Chris to open this ha ha ha ha
=-=-= Barry =-=-=

... the greatest Hexen wad I've seen. Textures, lighting, originality, all excellent.
=-=-= Byron =-=-=

Got to say, Your vaults12 wad for Hexen was the best wad I've ever seen. I think it is better than the original game.
=-=-= Jason =-=-=

I just wanted to send you a note saying how much I enjoyed your Vaults1.3.WAD! I spent a VERY pleasurable weekend working my way through the very intricate and beautiful world you crafted! I loved the many new and exciting effects you worked into it! And hope you are working/planning on more new levels even now!
Keep up the good work! Excellent!
=-=-= Larry =-=-=

... I just wanted to let you know that [Vaults] was a very impressive work. One where you could just *tell* that planning and thought went into it. I'm an author of a level myself, and a Doom1 Grand Master, so I've been through a few levels to say the least...
=-=-= Tina =-=-=

Hi, just played Vaults (V1.3) for Hexen & just HAD to e-mail & say how much I enjoyed it. I think this is about the best Hexen hub I've played to date! The end was well-worth waiting for! And isn't Korax an evil coward... just as you're getting some fire-power in, he disappears & sends his minions in as cannon-fodder! But seriously, I liked every level: each one had something I've never seen before. It must have taken AGES just to do the designing! I LOVED the force-field-type effect. I enjoyed every minute of Vaults... there were so many ORIGINAL effects, and such good level design; and so much to hold the player's attention WITHOUT being too complex or frustrating... this is very hard to get just right, but you managed it here.
=-=-= Nigel =-=-=

I love the levels they are excellent the best I've played congratulations on an excellent job writing these levels.
=-=-= Phil =-=-=

I got your vaults level and there's thing I said when I played this: "Erm... this is bloody good". No, this is not just the Quake style 'oh, let's go find the switch and lower the lift', it's more like. 'Ok, what do I here?' It took me about 2 and a half hours to do this with save files...I'm currently making a 31 level Hexen WAD, but it will NEVER be as good as your level. Well done!
=-=-= Johnathan =-=-=