You have played this game too long, Mortal. I think I shall remove you from the board.
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Experience the terror! Can you solve the mystery of the Bishop's Vaults?
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Bishops's Vaults!

More than terror! Vaults was only a test. Can you survive the Caldera!
New from Chet Caldera WAD.
A full six level adventure using every trick in the book and then some!
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This page will net you the best Hexen third party wads this side of Zedek's tomb. Rating system in force. This is a link from Don's Hexen Page. (Don's page is worth a look -- it's very well done!)

FAQ detailing methods for use of Wintex.
These are some frequently asked questions about WinTex 4.1 by Olivier Montanuy that we get here. We thought we would compile them into a .FAQ for all to peruse.

Hexen Cheat Codes.
These are the Hexen Cheat codes if you don't already know them. For a nice printable html table of the cheat codes, click here.

You have played this game too long, Mortal. I think I shall remove you from the board.

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Hexen Cheat Codes
SATANGod mode NRAAll weapons
CLUBMEDfull health LOCKSMITHAll keys
INDIANA25 of each item MAPSCOverbose map
CASPERno clipping BUTCHERkill all monsters
SHERLOCKAll puzzle pieces VISIT##warp 01-31,"secret" 41
TICKERcount your framerate INITrestarts this level
NOISEshows sound info PUKE##run script (01-99)
WHEREshow x,y,z coords MARTEKtype 3 times & die
CONANlose all weapons (2 digits)CD Track
Click here for a printable table of these codes.