Chris Walters Jr.
4.5 years old on his "Ninja"

Chris at his Fifth Birthday on his new NINJA!

Chris and Papa on the real Ninja ZX-6R
First ride on the road! (11-13-01)

Chris at 6.5yrs old first ride on his Bombardier 90 quad

Chris at Dave Blaney's Racing shop in Brookfield installing an extended swingarm on the Quad

Chris at 6 yrs old TESTING the new swingarm upon arrival at home again!

Click here for a 2meg QT movie of Chris riding......

You'll need QuickTime player to see the above and can get it here

Click here for a 1.5meg AVI movie of Chris riding...

Here's an AVI of Chris on some extreme rocks at age 7...

Here's some winter stunts (big MPG 29 meg)

Chris at age seven taking on some air!

Here's some more pics of Chris in action: PIC1 - PIC2 - PIC3