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Prairie 650(etc)  Belt Reset & Test
By Chet Walters
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If your Prairie goes into "Limp Home Mode" you can reset the belt sensor by doing this:

This stuff is behind the air duct to the torque converter (by the petcock, see pic)
Unplug 2 pin connector going to belt switch (A). Unplug black connector and unplug white connector (B) beside it (white plug is a reset plug which has no wires connected to it from machine) Plug white reset plug into black plug & plug black plug into white. turn key to on for at least five seconds then turn off. plug everything back to stock. You are done.


I was able to replace my belt by doing a "roll off" - "roll on" procedure.  I rolled the old belt off the pulleys and rolled a new belt onto the pulleys.  This saved a ton of work and adjustment.  Your mileage may vary and I don't recommend (see yellow box above) doing this ;-)


Test/troubleshoot the various belt electronics
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