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Show Chrome Wide Blade Lever Warning.

From: ScottH #1069
Date: 7/23/99
Time: 3:24:24 PM
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Despite the advice I have seen here about aftermarket brake and clutch levers, I just couldn't resist these ShowChrome beauties when I saw them at Montrose. And they feel great with the wide blades.

Put them on when I got home. OK for a short middle of the week run. Today I did a long, hot run into the high mountains and about 15 miles from home the clutch started slipping. By the time I got home, in spite of taking great care, it was *really* trying to slip, to the point where the bike almost didn't make it up my long, steep driveway. Very nasty.

Of course, I went straight to the technical board and found Don #899's post from July 16th on how some aftermarket clutch levers do not "retract" enough to allow a relief port on the master cylinder to function properly. So I removed the Showchrome clutch lever and carefully compared it to the Honda part. Sure enough, the "stop" on the lever did not allow it to come *quite* as far out as the Honda part. Further, an oblong opening in the lever that allows the push rod to remain aligned when the lever is squeezed in and out was too small to allow for full range of motion. I corrected these defects with a flat file and a Dremel, respectively, then changed the oil (to HP4 from MX4T, just to be on the safe side) and all seems well again. With a cool clutch, at any rate, there seems to be no sign of slipping on hard acceleration. We'll see what it's like when everything is all warmed up on a hot day. Fingers crossed.

If you are using an aftermarket clutch lever, make ***very*** sure it is ***really*** close to the stock item or it might cost you a clutch. I am just hoping my clutch plates didn't suffer any permanent damage. They sure got heated up some, I guess.

Thanks Don #899 !!!

ScottH #1069

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