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How can I add more light to the insturments?

For one, you can put in brighter lights. Added wattage bulbs can be found at your discount auto store. Sylvania makes a bulb (Sylvania # 2825 $1.69 pair ) which has a long looped filament and the insulator is blue in color as opposed to biege. To replace them in your instruments, at the end of the shell on each is a philips screw. Remove the screw and pull off the shell. Simply pull out the light socket and replace the bulb. This will require that you take off your windshield if you have one.On the Speedo, you must remove the knob with a tiny phillips screwdriver inserted into the knob center.

Brighter lights still are inside BLAZER red lens clearance lights #C827R for $1.99 each. More expensive, but brighter (can't find the bulb alone, if you can please inform) and the bonus is you have red lenses for your rear lights if you need them.

This does make the instruments easier to read in the dead of night, but the "disappear at dusk" problem will only be moved to later in the evening....

How about my Indicator lights (Brights, Signals, Neutral)?

To get at the lights, remove the headlight rim. Then, to get the lenses off and have access to the lower boot, you can pull the lenses off with your fingernails, or insert a small flat blade screwdriver under the lenses on top of the headlight and twist to pop them out. You can add brightness by painting the interior of the black rubber lower boots with flat white paint, being careful not to get any paint on the bulbs. Let dry and re-assemble. As MarkT suggests, for more light, turn the entire lower boot around so that they point at you instead of the sky.

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