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Forktools for the Valkyrie and VTX .
By Chet Walters
for instructions on changing your fork springs
while your bike is still assembled, click here.

For an exploded view of the VTX and Valkyrie inverted front forks, click here...

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Some time ago, I got the front end of my Valkyrie chromed. Excellent! I am now in the process of getting my VTX front end chromed and here are some of the tools necessary to do the job. I also replaced the front springs in both bikes with Progressive fronts available from Hal at Directline Honda.
Honda Lock Nut Wrench inner fork bolt tool special for Valkyrie and VTX inverted forks is shown here. This oddly named item is not that easy to build unless you have access to inch and three quarter OD machine grade steel pipe with 1/8" walls. Actually, for the $25 price, you and a buddy can have one for next to nada. Part number for OEM Honda Lock Nut Wrench is 07MA-MZ0010A. You'll make about minimum wage constructing your own. Click the pic to see the actual dimesions if you want to build one. See below for hints too....
The oddly named wrench (it's called a lock nut wrench but it's actually a "socket" for something called the inner left fork bolt) may be very useful because the removal of the inner fork bolt is not that easy. The bolt is recessed in the left fork, it is torqued to a whopping 72 ft-lb, you must bridge the rebound rod to get to it and the entire time you are turning it, there is some goodly spring tension on it and all the while you are holding a slippery tube which you do not want to scratch! Of course, a hammer and screwdriver are cheaper, but a new fork tube isn't! Click the pic for a larger look at the left fork inner bolt (lock nut) installed in the fork tube.
Another reason I found the special tool helpful is the re-installation of the left fork rebound rod assembly of which the left inner fork bolt (or lock nut) is a critical part (shown at left, removed). The threads are fine and starting this inner bolt which is recessed inside the tube with a good amount of spring tension on it (you must compress the spring slightly to start the nut) can be difficult indeed without the lock nut wrench. Here's a hint from Rich Kochinski - put the nut on top of the rebound rod and start it a coupla threads. Put the "special tool" onto the inner fork bolt as needed and then put a long phillips screw driver through the "special tool" and push down on the screwdriver to compress the spring. It's very easy to just start the fork bolt by turning the tool. Getting 72 ft-lbs of torque on this puppy any other way is a challenge. To repeat... Part number for OEM Honda Lock Nut Wrench which is for the inner fork bolt which is part of the rebound rod assembly of the left fork on Honda Valkyries and VTX's is 07MA-MZ0010A. You'll make about minimum wage constructing your own.
To make a FORK SEAL DRIVER, on the other hand, takes only a few minutes and you can save some bucks by making your own. Take 1 inch PVC pipe union and cut in half. Mark one end so the tool will be square when assembled.  I cut mine with a band saw, but you can use a hacksaw. Replaces OEM Honda Fork Seal Driver part # 07KMD-KZ30100.  Insert seal, install the tool, and tap around the 360 perimeter with a hunk of wood and a rubber hammer until you can see the groove for the snap ring.  Works pretty good.  This idea came from Roadmap on the VRCC tech board.
Front end of my Valkyrie with chrome tubes and chromed TBR triple tree. Progressive PRO-11513 springs were installed as well. To install springs without removing your forks from the bike (either the Valk or VTX), click here. There is no substitute for the Honda Service Manual for either the Valkyrie or the VTX if you are going to disassemble the whole nine yards.
Close-up of Valkyrie chrome done by H&R Plating who does our commercial stuff. The lights are described for both the Valkyrie and the VTX at Chet's Debulking Page.
Overall view of same. VTX will follow shortly with Progressive 11520 springs installed.

For an exploded view of the VTX and Valkyrie inverted front forks, click here... 

For measuring oil to specified depth, make this tool to use with a Mighty Vac:

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