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I mostly use the speedo for shifting (see below)
Hooked to tach lead inside headlight (it's a black/yellow wire with an empty female bullet connector only on the C) & set tach at cylinders=4 pistons=1 . Here casually mounted with Velcro so it can be moved to better visibility for "intense" viewing. Totaly accurate from 0 to 19,000 RPM with adequate visible LCD update, and works great on the VTX. Has a clock function (is a clock when the bike is off or can be a backlit clock anytime you want), has max RPM memory (seen here as the stock VTX rev limit 5620 RPM), tracks hours engine has been running, and is backlit when the bike is on with a very pleasing blue.

The tach is used only for setting idle and in gear running above 2000RPM
Here are the SPEEDO shift points you should know.... (ideal shift is 5200 RPM)

5200 RPM with a Metz 200 (3k miles) on the back.

30 - 60 - 80 - 115

1st - 30 MPH - 37 mph on a slow take up, but you'll never get there WOT. If you don't shift at 30-31 you'll be past the peak since the speedo is too slow on the uptake. Any higher on the speedo, you hit the limiter and I'll warrant that the analog tachs can't keep up here too well either.

2nd - 60 MPH slow uptake but the speedo keeps up ok and is actually 61 mph but reaction time so shift at 60.

3rd - 80 MPH - speedo reads 81 at 5200, but reaction time so shift at 80.

4th - 115 MPH - speedo reads about same on the slow, but fast and reaction time, shift at 115 or a bit less for 5200 peak.

5th - 142 MPH but ran out of road and the tach was not readable.... my eyes blurred, it's still a little cold.

Stock dunny should not be that much different and that has been verified by skydive69 of the VTXOA

Who needs a tach?

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