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Chet's VTX 1800c Pages
The Blue Bruiser
minimum bulk - maximum function
These pages will be like Chet's VTX. All form and function.
No frills, no gingerbread, just FAST information.
The theme for The Blue Bruiser is lean and mean.
Fenders, wheels, motor, necessary lights.
That's it. Nothing sticks out beyond the width of the bike itself.

By Chet Walters

On this page: Tires - License - Pegs - Pipe - Signals - Shield - Lights - Horn - Covers - Forward Controls

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Before then after. Brand new as from Gollan's Honda in Warren OH to the initial trim down with Kuryakyn front and rear lights, home made license plate setup and removed rear tail brackets (using a cut off wheel). Click here for a side by side comparison of the Metzeler ME880 200/60-16 mounted on the back next to a stock Dunlop rear tire. Here is a good link that may or may not explain why your tires wear like that.

Click here for details on the frightening Metzeler ME880 200/60-16.

The tire is not recommended for the VTX. Don't take my word for it. Look it up!

Click each pic for a larger picture.

The "custom" plate frame was made with the plate itself and some door edge guard. The plate corners were rounded to accept the door edge without too much kinking (the kinking is hidden on the back and ground down a little). The plate was formed over some 3" PVC schedule 40 pipe to produce the curve. The door edge guard was applied and the plate was then put on the shock with some 3M double stick molding tape. The "seam" corner of the door is at the top right and when the shock is rotated, this seam is invisible. Stuck with the same 3M onto the bottom of the fender rail is a super brite four cluster courtesy LED for Ohio's required illumination. The mounting hardware from under the fender was cut off with a air powered disc cutter and the remainder ground down and painted black.

The old plate/signal mount was cut off the dismounted fender using a combination of an air cutter, dremel with flex shaft and cuttoff wheel, and a 4.5 inch high speed angle grinder. You can probably get it all with a dremel and angle grinder. There are some tight areas to attack and you don't want to damage the fender.

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The Peg "relo kit" was made with Kuryakyn Pilot pegs and some extensions. I found the stock pegs to be too short and felt I was hugging the VTX too much with my legs. I needed to raise them a little and extend them out a little.

4425 Pilot Pegs (or your choice)
7946 valkyrie mounts $17
8038 1" extenders shorter allens $26
Rear Pegs part # 4419 (Pilot peg only with no mounts) $30
Rear Peg Mounts # 8802 (Honda Rear Peg Adapter) $17

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I used a coupla 3/8 nuts (about 2 each) for spacers and painted the inside with High heat Black. The pipe is just a hair under the stock diameter. I usually run with the full baffles in: Sounds incredible to onlookers because of the large diameter which gives a much deeper tone to the exhaust note. Due to length (I assume), for the rider there is NO DIFFERENCE in volume from the stock sound other than it sounds much better and it turns heads I can assure you. You can hear this pipe coming from 1/4 mile away, and it's VERY pleasing.

Click the pic for more information. ------ Click here for a sound byte:

Kuryakyn SMALL Universal Silver Bullets (2305) replace the signals front and rear. Fronts were mounted with custom made brackets and work as full 35 watt running/passing lamps as well as turn signals. The rear ones, which serve as running, brake and signal lights utilizing a Badlands Illuminator module, are mounted on the fender rails. The rails were pulled then drilled out with a 3/8" drill bit and the lights mounted. Wiring is simply run up the fender rail to under the seat. Both front and rear are wired as described on my Valkyrie De-Bulking pages.

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When I need a shield, I run the Memphis Shades Hellcat. Gives pretty good protection without making you feel like you're riding in your car (note that I HATE shields and fairings so if you don't like wind you won't like this). Pops off in seconds and leaves little evidence that it was once there. The clamps and all hardware are highly polished using the methods described on my Conehead Bolt Polishing pages.

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Shown here is a Cobra Drive Shaft Cover for the Valkyrie which needs cut 1.5 inches at the front. Over the bolts is Honda's own Billet Driveshaft Bolts Cover Honda Genuine Acc. 08F81 - MCH - 200.

Click the pic for more covers and more information.

Horn Relo Kit! Easy to do. Tools required 10mm wrench and 12mm wrench. Parts, one 14" zip tie. Looks real nice. To see what the peg set up looks like without the horn, click here.

To move the horn, just pull the wires from the horn and re-route it above the motor mount then down the center of the radiator to the bottom of the engine (make sure it's behind the fan motor so it won't contact the fan blades). Sounds great and is nearly invisible when the bike is parked or upright. If you trim the bell off the horn a little, it would be invisible, since that's the only part that really hangs down some.

Click the pic for more information.

Kuryakyn Large Universal Silver Bullets (2320) are mounted to the upper peg plate spacers with "made myself" brackets. I was going for "minimal" which is my theme for this bike and wanted the brackets to be mostly invisible. They could easily be mounted with any bracket that will mount on 7/8" bars (Kury might even offer a set of those, but I'm not sure). The switch is under the seat and the lights work off of a realy wired similar the description found on my Foglites pages. These lights when lit show a good face to other drivers and they are just as much for me TO BE SEEN as for me to see.

Click the pic for more information.

L&R Extreme Forward Controls - This relo kit will move your pegs three inches forward and one inch up. This makes for a VERY comfortable riding position but what's more, they make your X even more nimble since you feel more sure footed and agile as a cat. The added ground clearance in turns is special bonus!

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On this page: Tires - License - Pegs - Pipe - Signals - Shield - Lights - Horn - Covers

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