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Honda Service Update for VTXc Ground Wire
By Chet Walters

Click any picture to see enlargement Some early VTXc models had the battery main ground wire misrouted from the factory. For those who like to DIY or for those who do not necessarily want their X to sit at the dealers on a nice sunny day for this simple fix, this is offered...
Regardless of your serial number, check your VTX near the swingarm and exhaust pipe. If your main ground wire is visible as shown in the picture at left, you need to re-route it according to Honda's Service Update Campaign (or recall, thanks). Honda was routing the entire ground for the bike through the case bolt. Because the actual bolt was of a smaller guage than the main cable, sometimes current would flow instead through the smaller secondary ground wire causing it to become damaged. Check for damage on the smaller ground wire. If you have not had trouble yet with this wire, please note that eventually you likely will since the case bolt will, after some time, develop corrosion at the threads and the threads are the only thing guaranteed to complete the ground since the chrome cast cover has sealant on the mating surfaces.
Cable correctly routed is shown here. Photo courtesy "Dangerously" of the VTXOA.
Page one of the service bulletin is here. Print it if you can for a better look. I did not find it necessary to loosen the bolts on my exhaust pipe as the bulletin describes. Using a 10mm open end wrench to take out the clutch cover bolt, one can pull the bolt out which releases the cable.
Page two of the service bulletin is here. Print it if you can for a better look. Remove your seat since it is necessary to reroute the cable from under the seat as it will be a little short to reach the new location. Route the main cable around the motor mount. Check your secondary ground wire for heat damage. If it is stiff and brittle or the insulation shows signs of damage, get it replaced free under warranty.
Quick fix view of old location of the ground wire and new location of ground wire. Note cable may require re-routing to reach new bolt. At new location, clean bolt and case surface.

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