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Plus a NEW fog light switch!!
For the GL1800 Gold Wing
By Chet Walters

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The GL1800 Gold Wing has no flashing four way hazard lights unless the key is on or on ACC. PLUS! The switch is inadequate and prone to breaking. I never use it. When you find out just how easily and cheaply you can add this four way anytime safety feature to your GL1800, you will be doubly disappointed that Honda America neglected to include it in the package and supplied such a fragile substitute. This is a very easy mod which takes about an hour, requires little skill, and costs around five dollars or so. You will be pleased with the results. If you are handy and don't need details, just skip to the picture at the end of this article.

ADDING ANYTIME FOUR WAYS (works on all models)
TIME: 1 hour

16-18 gauge wire
1 SPST toggle switch (Radio Shack 275-0731 (new 2750020) or equiv.)
Radio Shack 275-0021
1 splice-in wire connector (blue plastic or Walmart Tappit)
2 or 4 female quick spade disconnects
1 Standard Duty Signal Flasher (Auto Zone 536/552-C)
...... I get better results with a Tridon solid state flasher
1 in-line fuse holder with 15 amp fuse
weather resistant electrical tape or heat shrink
Seat removal tools (phillips & 6mm allen)
soldering iron (for switch if needed)
wire cutters
wire strippers


You will need to buy the listed above added switch, the added flasher, the inline fuse and all the wire you will need to connect it all together. The flasher should be the tin barrel type with two male spade connectors rated for six lamps (Auto Zone 536/552-C $2.89 or I get better results with a Tridon solid state flasher). If you haul a trailer with extra lights or have any extra lights installed in the signal flashing circuit, you may need a flasher that is rated for more than six lamps. This mod was thoroughly tested in conjunction with the stock flasher on the OEM turn signal circuit without mishap. If you have other than these signal flashers installed on the OEM circuit, I cannot guarantee that this will work with your setup.

Remove your backrest & pilot's seat. The timid might want to disconnect the negative battery terminal as a precaution at this time. Locate the black boot at the rear of the under seat area.  Locate the PINK/WHITE wire and tap into it with your splice or WalMart tappit connector.  Run a wire from that to one terminal on the flasher.  From the other terminal of the flasher, run a lead to your switch (mount switch wherever you find it convenient).  From the other lead of your switch, run a fused wire to any ALWAYS hot +12 from the battery.  You're done!  That was so easy, why didn't HONDA include it?






(New RS # is 2750020) The same parts as above but the bonus here is that you have switches that match and they are more reliable (so they say). The "fix" is only about $10 and the switches are protected by "relays" so they should last a good long time. This is true of the fog lamps if your fog lamps work with a relay already. If not, you should set them up with one (click here).

When you install the new switches, you can just "fold" your OEM hazard switch in with the flasher and bundle it right behind the panel so you can go back to "normal" on the hazard just about anytime you want.

Switch panel with Warm&Safe heated clothing outlet/Tender inlet


You can directly use the OEM wires and use a relay or a DPST switch as shown below. These will NOT be anytime fourways however. They will work just like your current setup and you will need to turn on the key as well.

The BROWN wire comes from one of the tiny lights inside the housing. Typically it will be the one that once powered the tiny light in the button you are replacing and you can use the GREEN from the no longer needed light to GROUND terminal 85 of your relay as well.


The only change I would make in the method shown here:  I would use an extra long wire to each of the switch terminals so I could replace the switch without the need to remove the entire panel. I would also use SPADE females onto the switch instead of solder so it will be easier to fix the switch (you won't need any tools).  My switch has lasted five years now. When I wash the bike, I take a plastic grocery bag and capture it in the left pocket lid so it is draped over the switch box to keep the hose water out of the entire panel.


Air-bag models may be different.

Kill your position (running) lights with the fourways

If you really think you need to kill your front position lights you can choose one of the methods shown below. Frankly, I would not waste my time on it. The position lights are only on if the bike is running and if the bike is running, you have 4 headlamps, your fog lamps, your hazards and position lights. Since they are all up front, the opposing traffic you need to warn is a full one or two lanes away so how much light to you really need??

If you are using your OEM switch for the hazards, then you can kill your position  lights using the drawing shown above.

If you would like your position (mirror running) lights to switch off when you turn on your custom hazards, then insert a relay into the BROWN/WHITE wire which feeds from the tail relay to the turn signal switch and wire your hazards as shown in our first drawing above. This can be done more easily if you locate the relay under the right pocket for access to the BROWN/WHITE and would only have to run 1 from your custom hazard switch hot as shown.

Matching switches!

Here's a way to make your Honda or EC fog lamp switch match your new four way switch in the panel. Use the same switch. You have options. The switch is rated at 25 amps so a relay is not really needed but it's shown.



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