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Miscellaneous stuff on Chet's
GL1800 Gold Wing
By Chet Walters

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Blacked out with powder coat for wheels and DupliColor truck bed liner for body

Wheels powdercoated night train black. Rotors from eBay.

Pegs how to
Issues with the chrome kick stand. The bottom is serrated. Next time you put your bike on the stand, watch as the stand rubs the ground. A kick stand is not a steak knife. The bottom needs to be smooth because a kick stand MOVES! Shoot the designer on this one. In short order, this kick stand will destroy your garage floor, the tile floor in your trailer and the sealer on any blacktop surface you may happen to park upon. I was VERY displeased with this otherwise fine product as it began to turn my garage floor to powder and ruined the finish I worked hard to put on that floor. I'm glad I didn't try to put it in my tiled floor trailer. Solution? Grind off the serrations with an angle grinder and paint with auto paint. This compromises the chrome, however. I would like to speak directly with the loon who put serrations on something that supports a lot of weight and is supposed to slide on the ground. This ain't a steak knife!

Another problem develops with the stand!  OOOPS!  See it's bent?



Switch panels painted with truck bedliner paint to match vinyl part of shelter

Wizard Graphics 330 - 542 - 4444

GL1800 Start Button (click for maintenance info)

Because the flag has a tendency to bunch up because of the angle, I've had my dear wife sew a second seem into which I have inserted a 1/4 dowel to keep the flags from bunching. I use a simple soda straw in the other seam over which the flag goes and into which the antenna goes. When I had the long antenna I put a sleeve collar on there to keep the flags on. Then I cut off the antenna and put a bowling trophy eagle on there with a set screw. Note I realize that this does little for the CB antenna, but I don't have one. Cutting off the radio antenna has little or no effect on the reception. Been running these flags on the radio antenna for 14K miles without a problem.  The flags never get "wrapped up" because they are free to rotate 360 anytime.


Busted Fender stuff

Above are my solutions for cracked fenders.  This makes the wing much
less noisy when hitting bumps and fender is SOLID!

Left Bag Stick Fix.  Striker needs to be longer but problem will reoccur so....

My current solution for the left bag problem.
Next, I will remove the entire unit and
spot weld a brace stiffener so the left
bag can again be locked.

No need to weld, Honda was kind enough to replace
the mechanism with a new beefier unit so we will see.

Better method below, but requires you have fog lamps.

Lo beam killer.  Lights do not light until bike is running.

Lo beam killer.  Lights do not light until side stand is up.

Lo beam killer.  Lights do not light until side stand is up
(this does not require an added relay, OEM LO relay is used)|

Car manufacturers have been wiring side marker as below for years using the positive wire of the signal bulb as ground for the side marker lights. A POSITIVE wire is GROUND when it carries no current (current flows from hi to lo). If you use it for ground on a light or something, when that "ground" DOES go "HOT" it will no longer be ground and your other light will go out. This is the way I had my mirror LED and side marker LED lights hooked up at first ( I wanted them on all the time then blink with the signals).

But this does cause the lights to blink INVERSELY with the signals (ie they go off when the signal goes on). Since Honda is kind enough to turn off the running lights when the signals blink (adds much more contrast), I have since wired up my mirror and side marker LED lights with DIODES so they blink in unison with the signals. This also makes the aux lights always on when the running lights are on (a bonus with the mirror LED's)

Diodes can drop voltage and if you use them your lights will not be as bright so using a relay for each side instead of diodes for each side gets full power to the accessory  lights. This relay 275-249 will fit inside the mirror housing. Use ORANGE for the left relay and BLUE for the right relay. A single out wire will work any number of lights for you including one set of 35 watt fog lights if you choose. Below is a relay circuit that will switch both hot and ground with a relay if your destination needs both isolated to work such as a strobe light.

If you add extra cornering lights, here's the circuit to make them work when you turn on your signal.

Here's how to wire whatever so it does not load the ACC circuit but comes on only with the key.

Power a single accessory from two (or more) sources.

Make s single LED act as a tail (dim) light and brake (brite) light.


search eBay for Mini Digital Voltmeter 3.3-17V Yellow LED Lithium

10 Minute installation. Remove pocket and run a wire from the ACC plug to the meter. Stuck to the frame with paintable silicone which holds it in place and also seals the back from moisture. I painted my frame black years ago and this was a good match, just brushed on some gloss black over the caulking. Perspective is of rider's view while mounted. Inset a close up of the meter stuck on the frame. Second pic is of the meter itself on e-bay for a few bucks. >CLICK< Chose the location because it's well shaded most of the time and it yields a good readout to the rider even in bright sunlight.


Extend your shifter 1/2" (no more than 1/2" tho)

Insert a zip tie in the bolt holes in the two inner fairings and close. Bugee the loop to pull out the center fairings and the lower cowl will R*R much easier.

GL1800 rear wheel R & R without a helper.
 Bad knees? No problem! Bad Back? No problem. Second video shows how to use a $16 hand winch!

One can just attach a suitable strap/rope/chain to the trailer hitch of a suitable vehicle (tractor, truck)
 and carefully lower and upright the bike by moving the vehicle itself. Make sure you have good visibility and use caution.

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