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Turn Signal Buzzer for Pennies
(or so)

By Chet Walters
This should work on any bike, these instructions are for Honda Valkyrie

Click here for four ways!
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Say you want to add four way flashers and you also want a turn signal buzzer.  You don't want the buzzer to buzz when the four ways are on and you don't want the buzzer to buzz while you are sitting at a red light in a bunch of traffic making that silly embarrassing noise while our blinker blinks.  Just adapt the above circuit to your existing four ways (if you have done them already - see Four Ways for Five Bucks) or, if you DON'T want fourways and just a buzzer, eliminate the fused lead, the flasher and the switch and hook directly to your ORANGE and BLUE wires. The ORANGE and BLUE signal circuits should come from under your right side cover.  So that the buzzer will be silent with the brake light on for both the hand lever and the brake pedal, grab the GREEN/YELLOW from the harness that goes under your fender to the rear brake light.  Very simple.  The four ways will not make the buzzers buzz and putting on the brake light will kill the ground for the buzzers and they will be silent.  But, when you go on your way, they will buzz with your signal.  This has two advantages.  One, it will make cagers notice you and two, it will remind you to turn off the dern signals when you need to.  Works great!  Get any piezo and Radio Shack as loud as you need it.  This can all fit under your right side cover.

[Click here for an inexpensive alternative - BLINKER BUDDY]

The Valkyrie has no self cancelling turn signals. You may want to add a buzzer to remind you to turn off the signals if you forget... forgetting is a dangerous activity! Running with a signal on when you are NOT planning a turn can kill you! This installation, which costs only a few pennies or so, makes for safer cruising and it will buzz with the turn signals, but not with the four way flashers!

This installation works on the principle that a hot wire will act as a "ground" wire when it is not "active" (carrying current as when grounded through a light or something itself). You can access the ORANGE and BLUE wires just about anywere on your bike so pick a good spot for your mount (under the seat for seat applications, side cover for side cover and in the headlight too!).

Another principle used is that diodes are directional current carriers. Current will pass only one way through a diode. You can feed current to one destination from more than one source (or vice versa) using diodes. Tie all the diodes to your destination and tie the other end of each diode to your seperate sources. When one of your sources goes "hot" it will feed current to your destination, but the destination will not feed back current to your other sources because the diodes stop the current trying to pass the "wrong way" through it. It works the same with ground. So..

We hook up a diode to the the ORANGE wire to feed current to the piezo hot (red) wire from the LEFT signal circuit. Hook up the piezo ground (black) wire through a diode to your BLUE (right signal) wire so that your RIGHT turn signal circuit will act as ground for the left when left signal fires. Hook up a diode to the BLUE wire to feed current to the piezo hot (red) wire from the RIGHT signal circuit. Hook up the piezo ground (black) wire through a diode to your ORANGE (left signal) wire so that your left turn signal circuit will act as ground for the right when right signal fires.

In our TWIN PIEZO METHOD, we simply hook up each piezo's hot (red) to the other piezo's ground (black) then bridge the signal circuits with the assembly. Since piezo buzzers are polarity sensitive, one or the other piezo will sound when one (either) side of the signal circuits goes hot and supplies votage while the other side is cold so it acts as a ground.

In both methods, when the four ways are causing both signal circuits to be "hot" there will be no ground to activate the piezo(s) so no sound will eminate.

TIME: .5 hours

1 or 2 small 12V Piezo buzzer(s) (Radio Shack 273-059) or LOUDER equiv (273-079).
2 splice-in wire connectors (blue plastic variety)
4 1K 2.5A silicon diodes (Radio Shack 276-1114) or equiv.
weather resistant electrical tape or heat shrink (better)
Phillips screw driver
soldering iron
wire cutters
wire strippers

Wire any way and anywhere you wish. Using the diodes and Piezo and the principles outlined above or using two Piezo's, supply current ONLY when one signal is hot and the other is cold. In doing this, it is important that the LEFT and RIGHT signal circuits remain ISOLATED (the dual Piezo method puts more resistance between the signal circuits [about 10k OHMS] than does the OEM signal indicator lamp, however, this may cause FEEDBACK if you are using an after market module for turn signals. For more information on feedback and a solution to it see Brighten your OEM Signal Light below).

QUICKLY FOR MOTORHEADS: See the drawing. Note the orientation of the grey stripe on the diodes and the direction of the current when one side is hot and the other cold for the diode method. if using the TWIN PIEZO METHOD note the orientation of the Piezo HOT (RED) and GROUND (BLACK) wires. You need use only one insertion point in each of the signal circuits since the diodes direct the current where it needs to go or the Piezo's only sound when one side is hot and the other not.
NOTE: this is a "layman's" drawing which shows only the terminals on the various parts. It is intentional that there are no electronic symbols included.

FOR THE REST OF US: Make sure your ignition key is off. You can put the buzzer in your headlight, or under your seat. For the headlight, remove your headlight rim by removing the phillips screws located at 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock on the rim. Placing your hand on the top of the rim to hold it in place, pull outward on the bottom of the rim to release. Holding the rim, unplug the headlamp and set the rim/lamp aside. Loosen the clips that hold the harnesses in place. For under the seat, remove your seat and also your brake-side side cover.

NOTE: The diode method detailed in this section will work with just about any motorcycle and there is little chance of any feedback problems. If you plan to use the TWIN PIEZO METHOD, skip to the final WIRE IT UP section below.

BUILD THE DIODE CIRCUIT: Prepare for your installation by building your Piezo/diode circuit. Onto the RED (hot) wire on your piezo, solder one end of two diodes making sure the grey stripe on the diodes is TOWARD the red wire. On the BLACK (ground) wire of the piezo, solder in a similar fashion two diodes making sure that the grey stripe on the diodes is AWAY from the black wire. Cover each diode with a length of heat shrink leaving about 1/2 inch bare wire on the loose ends of the diodes. Take one loose end of one red soldered diode and loop it around and wrap it around one loose end of one of the black soldered diodes leaving about 3/8 inch of the black soldered diode free to insert into a blue splice in connector. Trim any excess off the red soldered diode. Solder in place. Repeat this for the remaining two diodes. (See picture if unsure how to orient the diodes).

WIRE IT UP: Locate the solid ORANGE and the solid BLUE wires inside the headlight or inside the clear plastic boot under the side cover. Insert one (makes no difference which) of your diode or TWIN PIEZO CIRCUIT loose ends into the solid BLUE wire using the blue plastic connector (or strip and solder or use the Solderless Splice for bullet connectors shown below). Insert the other diode or TWIN PIEZO CIRCUIT loose end into the solid ORANGE wire. Tape up all open wires making sure you don't let any bare wires touch any other bare wires.

Do the smoke test. Turn on your key and your turn signals. Your buzzer should beep and your signal should work correctly. Try the other signal. Same result? Cancel your signal and, if you have four ways installed, turn them on. The buzzer should remain silent.

For Those who use the kick stand as a kill switch or actually use the kill switch....
This buzzer circuit will REMIND you, DUMMY! To turn off the dern key!

This mod can be performed on any modern motorcycle which employs the same circuitry: keep isolated the left and right signals.
You can also mount it in your seat for a more or less "silent" vibrator or you can use a 3v pager vibrating motor w/ 100 OHM resistor in series in a cigar holder in the seat foam or taped to the bottom of the seat as well using diodes.
Twin Peizo method adadpted from a post by P's ILLUSION on the VTXOA board.

Questions? Contact Chet at Chet says 'Be sure to write!'

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