You have played this game too long, Mortal. I think I shall remove you from the board.
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More than terror! Can you survive the challenge of Mare Caldera?
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version 1.0
A complete six level adventure designed by Chet for his favorite game Hexen. Rescue D'Sparil's heart from the frozen Valles de Morte to gain access to Mare Caldera, North Massif, South Massif, Cadre Ixion and Korax's palatial digs on the shores of Mare Clausem!
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If you want a walk thru, try Csolve.TXT for all solutions to all the puzzles.
... as featured in the May '99 issue of MacAddict!

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You have played this game too long, Mortal. I think I shall remove you from the board.

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Caldera Specs

Title                   : Caldera ... 6 level adventure for Hexen
Filename                : CALDERA.WAD version 1.0
Author                  : Chet Walters 
Email Address           : (write if you like it)
WWW Address             :
Game                    : Hexen (1.1 update recommended)
Base                    : From scratch by yours truly
Level #'s               : Map 08 thru Map 13 cluster 2
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-8 Player   : Yes (untested but 8 starts/map)
Difficulty Settings     : Yes (many - adjustments in scripts too)
New Sounds              : yes
New Graphics            : Yes (flats & textures & title)
New Music               : yes
Demos Replaced          : Yes (3)
System Required         : Computer years are like dog years
                          so get yourself up to speed if you've
                          been resting on your 486/33 laurels
                          for the last 14.
Base Machine            : Developed on a p90 with 32 meg.  Run
                          thru Win 95 to simulate slower machine
Scripts & Sectors       : 306 scripts, 4137 sectors, 4664 things
Utilities used          : WAD Author 1.2 3/9/96 (the best!)
                          WinTex 4.0, 4.2 for graphics
                          Paint Shop Pro for editing graphics.
                          Zennode .98a for nodebuilding

You MAY distribute this WAD, (please do, I think it's great!
Yeah, yeah.  I'm a legend in my own mind) but, include this
file with no modifications. You may distribute this file in
any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you
include the description file intact and unmodified.

Vaults was only a test. Now for the real thing. When you killed D'Sparil in Heretic, you upset the balance of power among the serpent riders. Korax gained too much power indeed. He has frozen D'Sparil's world. The Caldera is locked up tight, the power grid crystals are frozen and unreachable. Your mission: should you decide to accept it, is to restore D'Sparil's heart to its proper place, reawaken the mountain, set the machinery in working order by retrieving the banished parts from other worlds and replacing the power crystals into the power grid. Only then can you face and defeat Korax for real.

LEVEL ONE:VALLES DE MORTE (map13 scripts:42 sectors:456)
The icy valley below the frozen mountain. In this colorless and ruined world walk only the tortured ghostly souls of all those you have killed during your prior existences. It is here that D'Sparil's heart has been held in glacial captivity all these years. Watch out for the spirits that jump out at you from behind every turn. Many things are boarded up. Look carefully at the scenery for hints to solve the puzzles. Sampson could solve this one.

HUB LEVEL: MARE CALDERA (map08 scripts:61 sectors:504)
The frigid mountain which you must awaken to gain access to the other worlds. Frozen in the bowels of the Caldera are the crystals to the power grid which will open the final door to Korax's lair. But, to release them, you must restore the machinery to working order by retrieving parts from the other worlds. You'll visit here often & view some great pyrotechnics.

Levels three through five, each ruled by one of your former masters, are all part of the same complex. The mechanics of each of these levels interacts with one or more of the other levels to make the solving very interesting indeed. You can visit these in any order you like and each is accessible from any of the other two.

CADRE IXION (map09 scripts:54 sectors:556)
This is a strict military establishment ruled by Zedek himself. In typical military fashion, each area is locked down tight and there is a specific order in which things must be done or critters that must be fought to gain your prize. If you know your mythology, the name of the place will hint at the monsters to be faced here. Watch out for the "super" monsters!

SOUTH MASSIF (map10 scripts:40 sectors:630)
Wizards are fond of machinery and reptiles as you will see. Logical steps must be taken to activate the final puzzle. Time is of the essence, here. Meet Menelkir, mage in charge of this plumber's nightmare. There are no doors save one on this level and you can wander about to take in the unusual and beautiful scenery at your leisure.

NORTH MASSIF (map11 scripts:52 sectors:1285)
Traductus likes puzzles and reads not infrequently. He commands quite an army of the "faithful" though you may call them the "fateful" before too long. Summon the faithful to the main cathedral and gain access to the Chapel of the Minor Bishops and the Library of the Lost Tomes of the Ancients.

LEVEL SIX:MARE CLAUSEM (map12 scripts:42 sectors:456)
On your first visit to this level, Korax's palatial digs are locked. Here you must retrieve your final machine part to break the seal to his door. Your second visit here will not be as pleasant.

NOTES: This wad contains some never before seen Hexen special effects (most different from the new effects seen in VAULTS): Electric switches, flesh tearing hazards, flying monsters, hidden deep pits, visible mazes, multi-level free standing buildings surrounded by low walled courtyards, amazing fireworks displays, elevators that take you to areas that are actually "under" the floors above them, monsters who continue to do damage after they are "dead", monsters who spawn their own ghosts(!), mountain top panorama sky walls and much more. Most levels are maxxed: Max 32 mapvars. Max 200 items with TID. Max Visiplanes. Max 64 scripts/map. The way this WAD was created was to stretch the Hexen engine past its limits then pull back until it would run. In Air Force parlance this is called "pushing the envelope." This wad indeed taxes the Hexen engine to the limits.

Every puzzle built in to Hexen is utilized along with some that the crazed author dreamed up. Most puzzles are randomly generated and so are the monsters so each time you play, you will have a different adventure here. Every creature built in to Hexen is here for your enjoyment, along with extra and surprising behavior added to some of them for your further enjoyment.

As in Vaults, switches are reserved. Push button switches and rope switches normally are functional switches which open doors, work elevators or turn on lights. Chain, skull and valve switches are always part of the puzzle solutions. On each level there is a golden calf switch located near the first area you must visit. It is a bonus switch which turns on some helpful messages so pull it for help messages throughout the level if you wish. But, if you want a real challenge, don't pull it to turn on messages.

Notes for slower machines and other things:
This wad is maxxed completely. It has many very large areas and each level uses many tricks for display and game play. If you have less than a p90 with fast video you likely will not be able to play this wad effectively. In fiddling with the Hexen engine, I made some interesting discoveries that are included herein. I have taken advantage of some of Hexen's display "bugs" making them "features" and changed the behavior of some of the monsters as well. These things I guarantee have never been seen before in any Hexen WAD. However, since this WAD taxes the Hexen engine so, in some rare battle situations, Hexen will lock up forcing a reboot (which is likely why these particular tricks are not in the original release or any other wad I've seen so far). These problems are minimized by the great efforts of yours truly, but they do occur. You are advised to save game often, not only because of these minor irritations, but because CALDERA is a tough WAD to beat. Also note that the tricks used for display look very bad if you are a flyer (Wings of Wrath). The scenery was meant to be perused from ground level. Flying will reveal the tricks. If you fly or CASPER around these levels, you may crash with a VISIPLANE error or a page granular error. CASPER will likey totally screw up the puzzles and you may get trapped somewhere or ruin the game entirely. Don't cheat! You have been warned.



Submit your review here!
First thing-- the level is AWESOME... probably the best I've ever played made by anybody but ID itself. I've been enjoying it for the past few days. Groff {}
I'm really really enjoying this WAD. From what I've seen so far you've definitly out done Ravensoft in terms of intelligent, moody level design. Miguel/Roach {} The Giant Head Network
This is another brilliant hub from a talented designer: there are some unique and spectacular effects not seen in any Hexen hub I've played to date - the knife-throwing Centaur and the razor room for starters. I knew things were going to be good when right at the start Korax spits in your face and you get thrown backwards by it. Close attention has been paid to detail and atmosphere... From what I've seen so far, Caldera is indeed, a masterpiece. It's blatantly obvious that a TREMENDOUS amount of work must have gone into making it, and you've made full use of the scripting language and of the game engine itself. Overall layout and design is superb. Now, nothing in this life is ever PERFECT, and I'm afraid there is one area where, personally, I think things could be improved - and it's this: some of the puzzles are IMHO a little TOO well-hidden or not easy enough to find unaided. This, I know is something that not everyone will agree with, but I found I had to refer to the walk-through (which is very good BTW) on numerous occasions... Nigel Morgan {} Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed Caldera. I had just finished 'Deathkings' and had been disappointed. It was nice to get something for free that was even better! You obviously have surpassed id/Raven in the creativity department. I played the game on my pitiful 486 and was pleasantly surprised that the game only ran 'slow' in a couple of small spots. Well, I finished Caldera (with just the lone hint about the silver key you thoughtfully gave me) and I have to say I'm quite impressed. It's miles above Vaults, and I found your use of architecture particularly striking...although I don't think Cadre Ixion should have modern-day toilets. ;) I noticed you pared back your scenery a bit, and I could tell in places where you had more stuff in mind but may have scrapped it...ledges that lead nowhere and such. And of course, your scripts were creative and top notch quality. Ping Lin Caldara is a FABULOUS set of levels - one that I will DEFINATELY, play again & again Robin Davis